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Garden, kitchen, studio. These are the places I seem to spend most of my time recently. The garden is just doing it’s thing these days, making lots of food. There is a lot of food coming out of our relatively tiny growing spaces! Our main meals are almost 100% homegrown right now. The realization never gets old, that an entire meal is homegrown. I can really geek out on that sometimes, it’s just so satisfying.

The studio has been a busier place recently, and I have so many things I thought I might get done up there this summer – from painting the floor and some of the dark beams overhead, to building a new table. How does one renovate a space that is overwhelmingly occupied? I haven’t figured it out quite yet.

Speaking of the studio, my friend Camille, the talented craftswoman behind Red Onion Woodworks, has put up an infusion studio tour on her blog, Wayward Spark, if you’d like to check it out. And be sure to see her her beautiful raw edge cutting boards. I have been on the verge of treating our kitchen with one of her boards for so long. They are all one of a kind natural beauties, so if you see one you love, it’s best not to let it pass you by.

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On a whim, I suggested we have a picnic dinner in the yard the other night. Only a short time before we set out, did I remember it was that time of year where there is a big meteor shower. We had missed the peak of it, the night before – August 11 – but I knew from experience that there would be a number of nights where stargazing would be pretty exciting. Then I texted my brother and sister and mom to remind them too! August 11 is a day we all remember with a mix of sadness and fondness, as it’s also the day we lost our dad.

We packed a basket with wine and mini mason jars, a blanket and warm sweaters. We talked and sipped wine until darkness settled on us, and then we laid down to soak up the peace of the night and watch the sky come alive. The Milky Way was straight overhead. The Big Dipper sat low on the horizon. We both wished we could ID the constellations better! We had a pretty great show of shooting stars. They seemed so bright and low! The night sky fills me with awe and excitement, and makes my brain itch a little with the vastness, and the sense of the depth of what is out there.

I feel amazingly small in a way that brings an inexplicable peace.

Before we headed in we gave a shot at our night time photography skills. We didn’t manage to catch a shooting star in the frame, and the shutter speed was so long the stars were moving (and a little blurry) by the time it snapped, but I think we did alright considering.

Such an incredible world this is. It’s easier than it might sometimes seem, to shift, and regain perspective.

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all in a day

wild_berries_0aRed huckleberries, fuchsia berries; and a single, insanely fragrant blackberry.

grass_seedGrass seed in dappled morning light. The foxglove is almost done for the year.

dappledWhere we sometimes sit for morning coffee.

echinacea_0Echinacea is blooming. Snapdragons too.

arugula_flowersArugula flowers.

garden_path_july13Our wild jungle garden. It really is kind of wild this year!

july13A day’s harvest.


crescent_moonRising crescent moon (with vulture circling nearby).

bear_1And a black bear. No big deal.

This was the kind of day that unfolds moment by moment. Definitely my kind of day. From coffee drinking to berry picking, weeding to watering, trellising to harvesting, food making to kitchen cleaning, mowing and picture taking – the next thing I knew the sun was setting and I realized I had spent the whole day doing what ever presented itself, moment by moment. How simple, right? But really, I felt so satisfied. I’m working on this “be here now” stuff. I know it’s so cliché, but there really is something to it.

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a june weekend










A colorful weekend in June ♥

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wild things





There is a whole lot of lounging and ruminating happening around here these days. The bucks seem wily and restless, and the does are very restful. Babies should be born any day now!

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in our element

First, I have to mention that these are all pictures from last year. Last summer to be exact. I was looking through my photo folders in search of a few favorites, for an order of postcards I just placed. I was so taken by everything that fell within the season of summer, that I got distracted. So distracted that I got delayed on ordering.

As I walked back to the house from the garden this afternoon, I was struck by all the details of this season, which is really settling into it’s own. The lavender in full bloom, and the poppies starting to open, and the doors wide open, and all the garden starts getting so big all over the porch. I was filled with happiness and excitement. We are in our element here on these warm sunny days. To get out of bed and throw on a simple tank and a cotton skirt… to go straight outside and be amongst the birds… to linger in the garden and observe new growth… to sit out on the patio late, sip wine, and listen to the frogs on the lake… it feels like a little bit of paradise.

What’s your paradise like? I looked that word up and loved this simple definition:: Paradise is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless.

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a few things




Liking lately…

Espresso drinks and chocolate. Mmm, need I say more…

One of Gram’ Althea’s paintings. Makes the hallway feel more like part of our home.

Our  torn up bathroom… and my new vintage LL Bean cardigan.

Studio cleanup mission… accomplished!

Living room dance parties, to the tune of Michael Jackson (sorry, no photos of this one!).  Here’s one to get you out of your seat!!  xo


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