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New Snap Clutch available in the shop. Made with undyed hemp and dark green canvas, with dark espresso vegetable tanned leather.

Little cousin to the Hemp and Olive Tote.

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Rose with the sun this morning. I love that.

Feeling full of momentum and excitement these days.

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There is a little piece on infusion in the May issue of Country Living Magazine. Our copy arrived in the box a couple days ago and it has been trickling throughout the states since the weekend I think. I must say, Country Living has such a friendly reader base. I have been receiving the nicest emails from complete strangers who have read this column, writing with simple words of kindness and appreciation. Thanks Country Living, and thank you sweet people!

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The shop is now open! I am still working on photographing a few bags, and some old favorites, which are currently missing from the shop, will reappear soon with new photos to reflect some changes. One of the changes is, I am now sourcing vegetable tanned leather for use on the rucksacks. It is thick and strong and consistent. The straps are now hand cut (as always), hand bevelled and hand dyed with low VOC leather stain, then rubbed with a natural salve. It is a time consuming process, but the result is one I feel is worth it for the long run. There has been a slight price increase due to this change. Pictured above are some of the new items in the shop.

Time for me to get off the computer now. I hope you enjoy!

See you soon xo

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The shop will be opening within the next few days, and new work should start appearing soon after, and will continue to over time. I am excited! It seems like it’s been forever.

It’s been interesting allowing myself lots of time and space to go with the natural flow of each day, enjoy the summer weather, get other things in my life done, while also creating a new work flow. It’s hard to do both! And it’s amazing how the days seem to evaporate. They go by way too fast. I think I’m getting the hang of it though, and I am liking the freshness of this change.


I’ll check in here with an update when the shop officially opens. And I’ll probably be here in the meantime too…

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Another new tote, available here, in Indigo Hemp/Organic cotton denim and indigo ticking stripe. Tough morning for photographs. It is gray and super rainy. So so so much rain! I hope my little garden starts are okay with all this rain. Peas are coming up and radishes too. Do beans usually take a while to sprout? This is my first year growing beans and it seems like they are taking forever to appear.

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An old favorite tote is back – available here. There will be a limited number of these available, made to order. I have only a small amount of this vintage golden yellow corduroy left, so if you missed one during their debut last summer, now is your chance! : ) Happy weekend friends! I hope it brings some sunshine!

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The Rucksack in dark olive will be appearing in the shop soon is now available here. I have had a couple of special requests for this bag already, and a few requests to see it in the shop. It’s always a fun surprise for me to see something new sewn up, even if it’s as simple as the same bag in a new color. And even though I am always sewing, I’m always excited to finish something new. Sometimes it feels like there is the part of me that is the thinker, and the part that is the maker, and when the maker makes something, the thinker is entertained. It’s a fun collaboration. And it never gets old! Can you relate to that?

I think the dark olive suits this bag really well. I have also imagined this bag in turquoise, pure hemp, and chocolate brown. If anyone has a color in mind that they would love to see, feel free to let me know.

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We have started choosing seeds for this year’s garden. I love this phase of planning. So many possibilities! The catalog laying open on the table is from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds. I  highly recommend checking them out. All the seeds they offer are heirloom varieties and there is so much to choose from. I wish melons grew better here because their heirloom melon selection is huge, and we are big melon heads.

A favorite treat lately has been sun dried tomatoes. We bought a pound of organic sundried tomatoes recently. They were salt preserved (instead of toxic sulfur) so after soaking in water for a couple hours, and then rinsing a few times, they are not too salty. Then we store them in olive oil, a pint jar at a time, and enjoy them on home made toasted bread, pasta, salads, grain dishes – so yummy! And the extra olive oil is delicious as well, infused with sundried tomato flavor.

I have finally managed to add a few things to meadow + mark. “Soon” is a relative term I guess. I know I had mentioned a shop update was coming “soon” quite some time ago. The leather backpack sold within minutes of listing it today. I know there was a lot of interest in it, so I’m sorry to any of you who missed out.

Also, I added a new tote to the infusion shop. I got some super nice pure wool herringbone in a couple weeks ago. Very happy with it. It’s very soft yet sturdy. I am thinking it would make a really nice skirt, if I could ever find the time. There is one in navy coming soonish as well.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.

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Do any of you use Kaboodle? I had never really heard of this shopping site, until yesterday. I got an email from Mary of etsy admin, letting me know the Rucksack in Cinnamon Brown was chosen for part of a special feature – all about Safari. Thanks Mary! Who knew Safari style was the next hot thing??

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