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Have a great weekend! It’s been raining here for a couple days – finally enough to provide a true, quenching soak after a very dry spring. It’s supposed to clear up just in time for my birthday this weekend, and I’m looking forward to a trip up the river for swimming, hiking, sunning, eating, drinking and celebrating life and the season of summer.

A few small summer treats:

Beautiful, quick dry linen towels (for all year long)

We recently purchased one of these

And I really want to make a batch of these

And lastly, just in the shop, a new beach bag

Enjoy this last weekend of June xo




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the speed of now









This weekend was a celebration of my arrival on earth, and we spent it enjoying all things earthly, in nature. We spent much of the weekend in and near the water, kayaking, swimming, picnicking. We watched a pair of baby deer nursing no more than 15 feet away, a sparrow hunting in the grass as we sat low nearby, drove out into the dunes at dusk, stayed outside well after dark in the warm night air. We talked about life, and time, and what’s really important – where my energy is at and where it needs to be. I felt like time moved slower. The days were full and nourishing.

A friend gave me a fun deck of insight cards, and I pulled one out while we sat chatting.

“Life moves at the speed of now”

This year I’d like to slow life down. We’re in no hurry to be anywhere.

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mid June





A few June highlights

Hi friends. Welcome to a new week.

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a june weekend










A colorful weekend in June ♥

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hey, june






I tend to think of June as my favorite month of the year; or at least it usually feels like that when it arrives. It’s an exciting lead-up to summer, and it is just the very beginning of many warm days to come. So much is blooming right now and every living thing is busy outside!

Today I am emerging from a long, strange week, and I can’t wait to wake up to another, even newer day tomorrow. My back got thrown out of alignment last week, in the worst way that I have experienced in many years. It’s really humbling to be unable to pull on your own socks and underwear without assistance, and for someone who tends to be constantly on the move, it was a supreme challenge to have to mostly lay and do nothing. I did gain a new appreciation for rest this week though. I really should let go and rest more.

Today I worked on catching up on orders, and was even able to do a little bit of mellow gardening this evening. I am so grateful to be moving more freely again!

The above photos are sort of random, just some snaps from this morning – this first day of June. My sister had a baby a little over a week ago, and I was fortunate enough to assist her birth again. My best friend from grade school is also due with a baby very soon, so I have been sewing baby hats and pants. It’s so fun and satisfying to sew baby things. The pilot hat pattern is from sew liberated.

After learning about Alys Fowler’s The Edible Garden series on YouTube, I pulled out her book Garden Anywhere. It’s been nice to revisit when I take a few minutes to relax my back. She is such a fun and knowledgeable resource.

One day soon I’ll post a new garden update… Hope you all are well. Happy June to you xo

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hey, june


Hey, June – so happy you’re here. When these photos were taken, just a couple days ago, I wondered if you’d ever make it.


It’s June 3, and we are experiencing our first hot day of the year. Even the breeze is warm. It’s been a peculiar year, with lots and lots of rain and unseasonably cool weather. I know we aren’t alone in that. The garden has been slow to really get growing and some things got such a poor start I may replant. There are still starts waiting to be be put in the ground. They are so ready! I think this is their week. I have found myself a little frustrated at times, but mostly I’m enjoying the process of learning. We have SO much to learn, and the plants themselves are amazing teachers.


We keep on planting, propagating, transplanting, harvesting, digging, planning, digging and planning. This space we are creating is still new to us in many ways, but bit by bit, it is taking on a new shape. We have really been enjoying all the hard labor, and as we make our way around the different parts of yard, we develop a closer and closer relationship with the land we live on. It’s exciting.

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