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clear blue

The sky was blue, and the air was warm, and the water looked so calm. It was the perfect day for paddling.

We made our way through the lily pads, along reeds and grasses

and then out into the deep water

soaking in the golden sparkle.

We paddled for a long time, venturing to areas we had never been

We reached a spot so warm with sun and calm that the urge to dive into that blue green water was irresistible to me.

So we found an old stump, and hooked our boats up to anchor us for a while.

We talked about how fun it would be to someday have a boat that we could camp in, out in the middle of the lake.

The chill of the cold September nights can be felt in the water these days. It was shockingly cold, but so refreshing!

After warming up in the late afternoon sun, and taking in our peaceful surroundings for a little while longer, we started the journey back.

It was the kind of day that can be felt all the way into your bones, that touches all the senses and fills you up with appreciation for the simplest things in life.

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october evening paddle




An evening of blue skies and calm waters, just before the heavy rains came back.

On the Oregon coast, summer days are often windy, sometimes quite intensely. Once we settle into the calm of autumn, it can feel like a big exhale.

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island life



We found a tiny island in the lake, with a sandy beach just big enough for 2, a tiny trail to explore and huckleberries ripe for the picking. Of course, the next most irresistible idea is to pack a bag and have a little camp out. Ooooh summer, stick around just as long as you can, okay?

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world of water

New morning unfolding. Wake up, start coffee, check email, sew… sip coffee in sunshine, put on swim suit, pack a snack, and go to lake! This is really easy to get used to : )

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. The weather is hot here today, and supposed to be throughout the week! “Hot” is not a common word used to refer to the weather on the Oregon coast, so we are soaking it right up.

Here’s to new adventures, big and small.

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