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i love summer

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october evening paddle




An evening of blue skies and calm waters, just before the heavy rains came back.

On the Oregon coast, summer days are often windy, sometimes quite intensely. Once we settle into the calm of autumn, it can feel like a big exhale.

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island life



We found a tiny island in the lake, with a sandy beach just big enough for 2, a tiny trail to explore and huckleberries ripe for the picking. Of course, the next most irresistible idea is to pack a bag and have a little camp out. Ooooh summer, stick around just as long as you can, okay?

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The idea was to swim, but with the wind, I wasn’t tempted after all. Instead, simply sitting together, relaxing, observing, with no where to be and nothing else to do in that moment – I miss those moments – it was just what was needed.

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A perfectly gray day out exploring.

I know I’m not alone in my intrigue for abandoned buildings. I just can’t help but want to explore these places left behind, often still filled with the things of the people who once lived there. I always have so many questions. My curiosity got the best of me once and I explored a place I really shouldn’t have (another story for another time), but I think it is pretty safe to say that this place has been empty of it’s people for a very long time.

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Nothing quite like water and sunshine to rock you back to a place of peace.

Tough couple of weeks, rounded out by rest, relaxation, rejuvenation and a change of scenery.

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world of water

New morning unfolding. Wake up, start coffee, check email, sew… sip coffee in sunshine, put on swim suit, pack a snack, and go to lake! This is really easy to get used to : )

I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. The weather is hot here today, and supposed to be throughout the week! “Hot” is not a common word used to refer to the weather on the Oregon coast, so we are soaking it right up.

Here’s to new adventures, big and small.

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