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spring things






Hi there. I have been a bit absent here! I think I could blog everyday with a little something about the garden, but I am trying not to completely flood the blog with garden talk :) Life has become relative to being outside these days, and anything that isn’t outside seems to get a wee bit neglected. This spring has been pretty incredible. It’s been gentle and soft and just plain lovely, and I am feeling so grateful for it, spending as much time in it as possible.

I have been carving out time to work on a collection of new works for the shop as well. It’s been super fun, though relatively slow, with lots of stops and starts. I’ve been trying to just have fun with it, without pushing too much; going at it a little differently than I might have in the past. I’ve been a little bit discouraged lately with all the sameness out there. It can seem like a thousand reproductions of the same few bags are coming out of the woodwork, and it’s getting a little bit strange and a little bit frustrating – particularly when you see some of your own work, and the work of your cohorts, in some of those reproductions. That’s a topic for another time though, and that aside, I guess I’m glad for the nudge toward making some changes. One of my favorite things about working for myself, is the freedom to explore.

This week we’ve been watching the swallows come and go from the boxes we put out for them last year. So far it seems like we have more of them this year. They are great for keeping the bugs down and it’s impressive to see their acrobatic, aerial maneuvers as they snatch bugs from the air. A very pregnant doe laid in the yard for a few hours last week. She looked so relaxed and restful, with another deer close by to keep an eye out. It’s getting close to the time where there will be baby deer bouncing around again. Ah! and right this minute I see an osprey flying over, with a big branch in it’s grasp. They are building their nest across the cove, in the same tree they do every year.  So much activity right now!


How’s your spring looking? What gets you excited during this time of year?

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Left to my natural inclination, I am not much for talking about plans and ideas, but prefer to set a quiet intent and then just act. I am lucky to share my life with someone who loves to discuss though, on every level, and discussion has a way of bringing quiet ideas and senses of things to fuller life. Recently, we had some great conversation with a friend about energy expenditure. We could all unanimously agree, in our own individual ways, that we could be using our energy more wisely. We talked about animals as a reference point (we are animals after all, just more complicated with the things of things of things). As an animal creature in the universe, there seems to be a certain amount of energy output required to be a working part of the whole. For example, each animal must do it’s part in finding and processing food, hunting, resting, cleaning oneself, guarding the nest, looking out for the pack, tending to ones home/nest or finding a place to bed down each night, etc… you get the gist.. There is a certain consistent, steady activity that is a natural, fundamental part of being alive and part of the world. Even rest is an activity.

If you observe the life around you, you can see that there seems to be a universal flow, where all life forms have an activity, and that activity is enmeshed with the activities of everything else in life around them. Everyday there is an activity level that seems dictated by the universe, or life itself, which seems natural, ancient, perfect. There doesn’t seem to be any reason to try to go outside of that; to try to overdo or underdo. It seems best to try to be in that natural, rhythmic flow that is in touch with all life.

So the question is, where are your/our/my daily activities off tilt? Maybe too much time is spent tending the nest and not enough time on foraging for the right foods for that day. Or maybe you spent too much time grooming, leaving your pack vulnerable to predators because you weren’t there helping to keep watch. Or perhaps you indulged in mindless activities when you should have just taken a nap to recharge. In the human realm we also have the complications of money and media and possessions… (and is any of that even real?).

I have been thinking about what really does matter in terms of where my time is spent, and how much of it to spend where…. what would allow me to strike the right balance and really thrive. This balance may look different day by day, or season by season, but with mindful attention to the correct cues, and a bit of discipline, I think it could be easier to strike that balance than it might seem. The cues that I feel matter are my body and it’s well being, feeling creatively inspired, feeling full of breath and energy, vitality…

These are the thoughts that I enter this new year with. I feel excited and buoyant with this simpler, clearer relativity for navigating each day.

I’d love to hear any of your thoughts, if you feel compelled to share.

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in our element

First, I have to mention that these are all pictures from last year. Last summer to be exact. I was looking through my photo folders in search of a few favorites, for an order of postcards I just placed. I was so taken by everything that fell within the season of summer, that I got distracted. So distracted that I got delayed on ordering.

As I walked back to the house from the garden this afternoon, I was struck by all the details of this season, which is really settling into it’s own. The lavender in full bloom, and the poppies starting to open, and the doors wide open, and all the garden starts getting so big all over the porch. I was filled with happiness and excitement. We are in our element here on these warm sunny days. To get out of bed and throw on a simple tank and a cotton skirt… to go straight outside and be amongst the birds… to linger in the garden and observe new growth… to sit out on the patio late, sip wine, and listen to the frogs on the lake… it feels like a little bit of paradise.

What’s your paradise like? I looked that word up and loved this simple definition:: Paradise is a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and timeless.

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I have been a bit preoccupied this past week or so, hence the silence around here and the lateness of my shop update.

We’ve been having some work done on our house, and have been doing our own work on the house, and the days have been pretty full. This week we are trying to finalize our decision on exterior paint colors, and I must say, this has been one of the toughest decisions I have had to make in a long time. How could it be so tricky?? Just when I think we have it, it seems all wrong and we are back to the drawing board. The way it looks on the chip never quite converts to reality. I have painted and repainted a little section of siding quite a few times now. Gosh, thank you Ron, for quart-sized testers! Our local paint guy actually gave me 2 free quarts today. I think he sympathized with my predicament. And then he told me a story about a lady that bought FIFTY testers before she finally settled on a color. Let’s hope I don’t repeat anything like that. Looking forward to getting this figured out though – and I think we are getting closer. This house is more than ready for a fresh look.

I have also been soaking up summer as much as I can. It doesn’t last forever and I don’t want to miss any of it. These August days – these are the days we wait all year for.

Thank you for the grand welcome back. The shop sure got busy! It really does feel great to be back to work.

I’ll be back soon. xo

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golden brown

There has been a bit of a golden brown theme showing up in my photos the last few days.

We got a few candid photographs of the rucksack in use. I know it helps to see a bag actually being worn, for a sense of scale and proportion.

This rucksack pictured is a sample I have kept for myself. The straps in the final version are positioned slightly closer at the top for a better fit, but I love this pack. It’s comfortable and highly useful and holds as much as I need for daytime outings. I have carried as much as 14 pounds of books in it and periodically pack that around for lengths of time to test comfort and strength. More weight than I advise carrying around all the time, but it handles it well and I have stayed considerably comfortable.

I hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend. We ran errands today and the weather was so mild I wore sandals. A huge treat for this girl. I love bare feet! I found some gems at the thrift – a beautiful wool blanket, a vintage world globe, a length of suede leather and a really nice handmade plaid wool button front – oh my, and a pair of awesome chairs! They might have been the most exciting find. I plan to recover them with leather. When I manage to get around to that project, I’ll be sure to post a photo or 2. My furniture projects are piling up!

Time for a glass of wine and a full night of work ahead.

See you soon xo

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Living on the coast and in the trees offers me a unique opportunity to observe the life forms that live in their natural habitat right up close. As the summer really warms things up, the bees are returning (yay! we were worried for a while!) and the hummingbirds are more playful and the goldfinches and sparrows visit our deck for the organic sunflower seeds we offer. I appreciate their visits and the constant reminders of how important it is to live with respect for other creatures. They all live with respect for each other and it works so harmoniously.

Blue Jay

Yesterday, while in my sister’s backyard cleaning a window, a little bird came near and perched on a low wire. She was chirping and chirping and chirping with such a clear intensity. She was but 6 feet from my head and she was defininitley talking to ME. While trying to sense what she was telling me, I turned to my right and took notice of a dead shrub in a large planter pot. Nestled in the base of the plant was a small nest made of woven dried grasses, and in the nest were 4 tiny eggs, each about the size of a small grape tomato. I let my sister know so she will take care to leave it alone and keep her little ones away from it. Even though I don’t speak bird I got the message. It’s a fun and worthy challenge to try to understand the communication of other creatures. It is also important not to alienate ourselves into the confines of humanness. We are creatures too, and this goes far beyond simple humanness.

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