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Last week’s linen project… a set of humble, hard working dish towels and a couple table napkins, too.

This is one of the easiest projects ever. Simply cut to your desired size – leaving room for seam allowance – and hem. I included loops on the towels, to allow us to hang them from a cabinet knob next to the sink.

This week I’m working on something from my wardrobe. This project is a mix of fun and practical. I’ll share once I’m done.


Aaaand, I’ll be back soon with a post on how I make yogurt! I have had a few requests over the last year, and have been meaning to post about it for a while.

Enjoy the weekend, friends…

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simple and beautiful




My next home project is in the queue. Maybe tonight I will carve out some space to work on it… That stack of flax and hemp linen is one of those simple things that makes me physically happy. Just the sight of linen – it’s texture, it’s depth, it’s coarseness and softness, the way the fibers weave amongst each other. It creates a bodily, palpable sensation for me. It’s like you want to eat it, but of course you never would. But how to explain that feeling? Is there anything like that for you? Do I sound like a crazy person? :) When I named my business “infusion” I had in mind the weave of a rustic, raw linen. Romanian Hemp and European linen were the original source of my crazy love for textiles.

So anyway, what will come of that mighty stack will be some very simple, hardworking items. Items that will be seen and used every day, all day. Any guesses?

What would you feel inspired to make with it?

.. this is not the first time I have gushed over linen. In case you missed this a couple years ago, and are interested, here is a beautiful video about European linen.

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Loved this video about European linen. Seeing this process gives me that feeling I talked about once, in my Etsy featured seller interview. The name “infusion” came from the feeling of the weave of a rich, thick, un-dyed linen. Linen – it’s smell, it’s physical texture, it’s visual characteristics – is one of those things that affects me almost physically – it excites some part of me. I really loved hearing them refer to linen as a living material.

Video found via

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I’ve been enjoying combining vintage wool checks and plaids, beautiful salvaged leather, and linen. It just seems so perfect. Maybe even better than perfect.

The Amesbury Bag and Clutch are available in the shop.

amesbury bag

amesbury clutch

More Amesbury bags and clutches are on the way. They will all be limited in quantity. Some will be one of a kind.

camera bag in plum

A new color for the camera bag is available now too. This rich plum feels so autumnal, don’t you think?


I hope you all had a happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend! We enjoyed a beatiful afternoon walking on the riverfront, followed by a festive evening at a costume party.

Tomorrow is the full moon. If you get a chance, remember to step outside in the night air and enjoy it, even for just a moment.

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I have just relocated my sewing space to our loft, which has prompted a lot of organizing and cleaning out. It is rather shocking how much stuff I have !! and particularly in the realm of fabric. I have acquired quite a lot of very nice fabrics over the last year –  linens, cottons, embroidered, vintage… I spent quite a bit of time the other day carefully going through all my fabrics and sorting them into piles of what to keep, what to pass on and then the most fun… what to gift. I have selected some fabric that I don’t think I will necessarily use any time soon, or that I may have quite a lot of, and would like to have some giveaways here to express my appreciation and just to enjoy the fun of sharing with my readers. I know all of you don’t sew, so I will be having a couple of giveaways with those of you in mind as well.


This bundle includes:

2+ yards of undyed stretchy cotton / linen blend, a nice size piece of brown 100% hemp twill, a nice size piece of undyed 100% hemp, 1 yard of lightweight blue gray 100% linen, a section of vintage eyelet trim, and a spool of cotton surgical thread (this stuff is great for hand stitching. It is very strong!) The wooden clothespin is included as well.


To be included in the drawing, simply leave a comment on this post by the end of Monday Oct 26. Don’t be shy!! This is for you.

I’ll report back with results after choosing a random winner.

Thank you for being so supportive everyone.

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I thought you might have needed a little extra sunshine to warm those toes. Come have a peek!

eco toes. yellow linen and colorful stripes.


It’s a beautiful sunny day here today. So many migratory birds are back as the weather warms up, and I am hearing some of my favorite evening songs again. It seems like the plants just can’t contain themselves and there are explosions of new growth everywhere. The landscape looks different in all the places I frequent. I feel like I can drink the air almost, it is so lush and green.

I hope you are having a fantastic week, and enjoying the life all around you!

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There’s a new dress in the shop today!

abigail dress

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The shop is open! Come visit! A number of new items have been posted, with more on the way – hopefully to be available within the next week or so.The rains have returned, so I will be waiting for the next nice day to do a quality photo shoot.

Eco Toes in Ticking Stripe

Eco Toes in Vintage Cotton

Baby Shoes in Vintage Cotton/Linen

Wool / Tencel Mini Dress in Charcoal

pearl and pink linen blouse

green linen button blouse

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Thrifty Finds

Cloth Basket

Thrifting is an all-time fav for my boyfriend and I; something we do weekly on our visit to town. This week I found a few things I felt inspired to share. I am pretty excited about this handmade cloth basket. I found it in an unusual place, in amongst a bin of slippers ? I guess someone changed their mind, which I didn’t mind! It was so carefully and solidly made and was clearly used for a long time by someone. I love all it’s soft, worn edges. I also found some vintage doilies and napkins (I really can get obsessed with digging through the vintage table linens and have to refrain from buying too many!). The yellow fabric is a large vintage linen table cloth. My boyfriend found the wooden pin, thinking it would make a nice hair stick.

Lace, Wood and Linen

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