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head first

Amazingly, we rarely ever have birds hitting the windows here. There is a whole wall of windows on the back of our house and many many birds live around here, which are very active throughout the day. Fortunately, they manage to navigate around them most of the time. However, a couple days ago when a large group of Pine Siskin were here, one of them slammed into a window at full speed. I hate this! It is almost painful to me, and I am not the one who slammed my head into a window.

It fell straight to the deck, belly up, and laid there completely still, aside from the movement of it’s panting. I was worried it wouldn’t make it and I crouched in the window, just a few feet from it, watching closely. It felt like a half hour went by, though I’m not really sure.

We tried to get it’s life force moving and remove any blocks in the head and neck area, and I was trying to sense if it was damaged beyond repair, when I realized it was probably knocked out cold. Dang, I know I would be!

It wasn’t long later that one eye popped open. It looked around for a few minutes. What it must have been thinking….

And finally, it flipped itself around and hopped onto it’s feet! So exciting : )

It sat there looking all around for another few minutes, gaining it’s bearings and then – probably realizing it was being watched by 2 giant humans – flew off into a tree across the yard.

Moral of the story is, make sure to always sense ahead before going forward!


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