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I don’t usually post this kind of thing, but my sister came over today and had on a pair of these super cute boots by Simple. She said she got them at a sidewalk sale in Old Town and she wears them all the time… they are “made of recycled stuff.” I, being way into natural fibers and one who recycles everything, inspected them closely. I swore the uppers were made from hemp and the tread was clearly recycled tires. The loops around the buttons seemed obviously to be inner tubes, and the buttons up the sides looked like coconut. While my sister wasn’t completely tuned in to the details, she did find them worthy of buying and like she said, she “wears them all the time” (and where was I during this sidewalk sale??).

I think I want a pair myself!     My sister has the Hemp ones..

Needless to say, I was intrigued. So after she left, I did a quick Google search for Simple Shoes and was launched right into a whole lotta info about their Eco Sneaks and Planet Walkers. Simple has gone “green.” While my idea of green may be a bit different, and possibly a bit more extreme (green does not always equal non-toxic or healthy to either us nor the planet), I am really inspired to see such efforts. This video gives the Simple story, and how they came to their current, greener state. Check it out… you might want a pair too : )


We are in for an exciting year. REMEMBER to keep it together, and stay close to what is real. The more of us there are that can hold a space of peace and continuity, the better off we will all be, as a whole. I am excited to be alive and happy to be healthy and full of life, everyday.

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