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Hey! Want to go to the beach?

Life has been so busy these days, it’s been hard to catch my breath. And aside from a little more sleep, a few more hours in each day and about 3 more hands and feet, I have been missing a great big dose of the beach. Yes, even though it is pretty much my backyard, I have not spent quality time down there in far too long. So yesterday the day was such that it would not have it any other way. I dropped everything and dashed on down and Wow, where have I been!! After some time down there with the sand between my toes, the warm sunshine on my face, and that cold salty water washing over my ankles, I feel like I have caught my breath again.

heading down the beach trail…


and onto the sand…………..





There is nothing so restorative as the vastness of nature.

Don’t forget to restore yourself in nature now and then. I hope you have all had a great weekend and are excited about the week ahead. And I hope to make it back here soon… We’ve been making some great progress on our house, and there are grand plans for a shop update by next weekend. Bye for now! xo

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