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Hi folks! The shop is now open. It feels great to see it full again.

There are a few new small items – including the Mini Satchel in Saddle Brown (shown above), the Mini Satchel in Ikat, and a one-of-a-kind snap clutch – as well as a couple more smaller items on the way, and I am excited to be offering a limited edition small satchel in waxed canvas and wool.

Coming soon is the herringbone tote with a darker wool base (also shown above). The 2-tone herringbone tote was the most asked-after bag this holiday season, after I ran out of wool and it was sadly marked “sold out.” I haven’t been able to find a comparable replacement wool for the base, so decided to try something new. I have sourced a superb wool melton, in a dark charcoal color – almost black. It feels amazing to the touch. Once we have some decent light again, I will get it photographed and listed.

In the mean time, there is one herringbone tote available, with the original base color, for anyone who is interested. It has a hidden snap closure (something I was going to release for this bag, but didn’t get to) so the front strap is 5/8″ wide instead of the original 1/2″ wide.

I’ll share more about other new items as the time gets closer. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm. I have felt a warm welcome back with your emails and orders.

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Zip Tote in WWII Canvas

Herringbone Snap Clutch

Little Leather Case

Dot Tote. Coming Soon.

The Knapsack in Stone Waxed Canvas

The Knapsack in Cinnamon Brown

Leather Wrap Wallet

Assorted Small Pouches, Clutches, Satchels. Some are available now, and some will be available soon.

The Messenger Bag. Coming Soon.

the shop has re-opened! I am still adding new items. Above is a peek of some of what is now available, as well as a preview of a few more things to come.

Some of the old favorites that are not currently showing up in the shop will be back soon. This includes Rucksacks. I have had many, many questions about the missing rucksacks. I assure you, they will be back soon. I appreciate your questions!

Also, I created a new “about” page. If you’d like, come check it out –  http://www.etsy.com/shop/infusion/about/

I’ve been working hard to get everything photographed and edited. We have had a lot of cloudy days and the sun came out just in time for me to get most of my shoot (mostly) done yesterday, in time for reopening today.

I hope you’re having a most excellent Monday. xo

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shop talk

Hi folks! I wanted to let you know that the shop will re-open on Monday, September 10. I was actually hoping to be open already (like yesterday), but some things came up last week that slowed me down. I am super excited to fill up the shop again.

I’ll be spending this next week working hard on continuing to build some inventory and photographing new items. And getting psyched up for fall :)

Enjoy the weekend. xo

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Monday August 1st

How could it already be August?? I have just re-opened the shop! Feels great to see it full again. Most everything you are used to seeing is now available again, and I should start getting some new bags photographed this week. I’ll add them as I can.

I have a lot of ideas and have been working at kind of a funny, sporadic pace. Sometimes I like to sketch a lot – most every bag begins with a sketch, followed by a pattern created by a series of calculations and dimensions. Other times I have a shape, or concept, or a detail in mind, pick a size that seems appropriate at the time, and then just start cutting and sewing. The latter is usually the most fun for me, and often has the most interesting results because the process ends up being more free; but I have also learned the value of taking the time to fully conceptualize an idea before turning it into a 3 dimensional object. I have changed a lot through the years of teaching myself to sew. So much that there are still a couple running jokes around here about the Abby *then* compared to the Abby *now*. Maybe I will share them sometime… you might get a snicker.

Anyway, it is nearing 2am here, and I need to go to bed. Meant to show you lots of pictures this weekend, of beautiful food from the farmers market, and from our garden, but I’ll save that for another time. Nighty night.


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The shop will be opening within the next few days, and new work should start appearing soon after, and will continue to over time. I am excited! It seems like it’s been forever.

It’s been interesting allowing myself lots of time and space to go with the natural flow of each day, enjoy the summer weather, get other things in my life done, while also creating a new work flow. It’s hard to do both! And it’s amazing how the days seem to evaporate. They go by way too fast. I think I’m getting the hang of it though, and I am liking the freshness of this change.


I’ll check in here with an update when the shop officially opens. And I’ll probably be here in the meantime too…

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