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The Rucksack is now available in black. This one comes with a detachable leather shoulder strap so you can wear this backpack like a messenger bag as well. All leather details, as usual, are hand cut, hand stained, vegetable tanned leather. This is a really handsome bag, if I may say so myself. I am really happy with it!

(Shown with our hand stitched leather wallet in the second image, and a 15″ macbook pro for size reference).

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add a strap




Every now and then someone writes to ask if they can see a photo of the rucksack being worn with the optional shoulder strap. I know it’s hard to visualize sometimes, and it’s helpful to see an actual example. I have finally added a few images. Seen with the rucksack in stone waxed canvas above, as well as an updated listing for the strap option. It’s silly I didn’t have these available sooner! Thanks for your questions, always. xo

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The first ever Etsy Holiday Shop opened today in SoHo, NYC. It will be open daily from 10am – 10pm today, November 29 through Saturday, December 8. We are super honored to have some of our rucksacks featured there and available for purchase. If you are in the area, go check it out! You will find a well-curated selection of artisanal and vintage gifts, and there will be workshops and classes throughout the week. This is a fantastic opportunity to experience Etsy in person.

Where: 131 Greene St. SoHo, NYC

When: November 29 – December 8, from 10am – 10pm daily

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3 things

A half moon zip, made with vintage military canvas and organic cotton.


A new snap satchel. This one is made w/ cinnamon brown canvas,  stone waxed canvas & hemp.


And the rucksack in dark olive is back! It now comes with the new snap closures and will soon be available w/ undyed leather as well.

All 3 items are now in the shop

P.S. Have you basked in this huge harvest moon yet? It has been spectacularly clear here, for nights on end. Makes me want to pull out my sleeping bag and sleep out in the yard.

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a few things

+ Coming soon, a few summer satchels and various pouches. In between my work schedule I have been squeezing a little something new in here and there for the sake of my own personal enjoyment (in the end it’s really all for you though ;) It is starting to amount to a fun little shop update.

+ There has been a modification to the construction of the Rucksack straps. I think this change is here to stay. The straps should be better able to handle the stress of heavy loads over time.

+ New postcards came in last week. I am loving this new selection. I also had a few printed with some photos from the garden last year for personal use. I have never been one to have note cards on hand. It’s a luxury not to have to go hunting for a “nice” scrap of paper when ever I want to send a little note, and they make me want to write more letters.


It’s the golden hour here right now. I love the light this time of night, as the sun sets on the trees.

Have a great night all.

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There are a few new bags available in the shop. Here, here and here. The tote will be limited – maybe 6 of them total, with this particular tweed.

Over the past year or so, I have received so many requests for weather resistant options on my bags. I have hesitated to bring waxed canvas into my line, due to what I had learned about the toxicity of some of the original waxing processes, and I am obviously not a fan of synthetic materials. With a bit of research though, I am excited to have found a waxed canvas that I feel comfortable working with, and confident offering to my customers. It is a beautiful material, has such a sturdy feel, and really holds it’s own. I have really enjoyed working with this material over the last couple months. It took a bit of getting used to! It cuts and sews like a dream, and the finish is ever-changing with handling, giving every bag it’s own unique appearance.

Waxed canvas is a tightly woven cotton fabric that is impregnated with wax, making it weather resistant, while still maintaining breathability – unlike a lot of modern day synthetic outdoor gear. Waxed canvas has a sturdy feel, and ‘stands up’ in a way that the same material, in it’s unwaxed state, does not. The finishes used on this canvas are free of the hazardous solvents commonly used in the application of wax finishes. It is environmentally friendly and made right here in the US, from a family owned company that has been waxing canvas since the 1800s. Cleaning waxed canvas is easy, by simply wiping with a damp cloth or hosing off with cold water. It is not recommended to machine wash or dry clean waxed fabrics, as detergents and chemicals will break down the protective wax coating.

Currently, I have 2 colors offered in the shop, on 3 bag styles – graphite gray and raw cocoa brown – on the Rucksack, the Small Satchel and the tweed and waxed canvas tote. A third color, which s similar to my cinnamon brown canvas, will soon be appearing as well. If you have a request for colors not yet available, or a different bag not yet being offered in waxed canvas, feel free to ask.

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Now in the shop. This one was made back in the summer, when the days were warm and soft.

Today is pretty warm, and quite soft. We even sat out on the porch for a while, stripped off all of our sweaters and sleeves, and soaked up some sunshine. It’s amazing how nurturing and healing a little bit of sunshine can be.

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Excited to see our rucksack in gray, in the December issue of Whole Living Magazine! Thanks, Natalie, for bringing this to my attention. And thanks to a super awesome mom for tracking this down for us.

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Organic cotton, handwoven mexican wool, genuine leather.

Cotton canvas, genuine leather and handwoven cotton.


Hi there! I have just added a couple new rucksacks to the shop…

Phew, I hear this from everyone these days, but it has been such a busy time. I feel as though time has sped up and I can hardly keep up with it. Our days are full of lots of hard work mixed with a bit of play. And it is starting to feel like endless summer here, still with lots of sunshine, garden harvests, a stolen hour here and there for dips in the lake. I have a feeling as the weather cools, I will be more present online, but for now any spare moment is poured into this golden time outdoors! I hope you are all enjoying the change of these beautiful seasons.


More new things to come soon!

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I love this illustration, done by a sweet  i n f u s i o n  customer. It has me thinking about sunny, warm-weather, outdoor adventures.

This illustration is by Natalie Nikulina – illustrator and translator – who recently received her rucksack, which made a journey from Oregon all the way to Russia. Thank you Nat!

You can see more of her work here.

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