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Hi folks! We are having a spring sale!

As you may know, we rarely have a sale and 20% off — well, that is truly unprecedented :)

From now through Friday, April 17, save 20% off any order over $60 placed in the shop by using the coupon code SAVE4SPRING. This does not apply to custom orders.

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks so much for your support.

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monday sale!

So… I have been debating whether or not to have a sale this weekend for at least a week. Truth is, I don’t even want to HEAR the words “Black Friday,” or even “Cyber Monday” for that matter. I am, on some levels, at odds with the whole frenzy. But I have to admit, even we took advantage of some amazing Black Friday sales, and got a few (yes, a few, oh my) new large appliances we have really been wanting/needing for a while. These sales were super exciting for us, and our new additions will raise our quality of life and make our home life more efficient and more pleasant.


In the end, my decision to have a sale really boils down to those supportive, and often very quiet, ones of you out there, who I know might be waiting or hoping or just plain wondering if maybe (a couple of you even emailed me, which I actually found so endearing) I might have a sale on THE biggest sale weekend of the entire year.


So, without any further rambling, if you have your eye on something in the shop for yourself or another, save 12% off your order by using the discount code holiday2012. When you enter it in the box during checkout, just be sure to press “apply.” This sale is valid until midnight on Monday, November 26.


Thank you so much for supporting my handmade business. It has helped make my life what it is today. I am so appreciative of all of you. I wish I could express that more!



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First I want to say THANK YOU, for a super successful sale on Friday! I was very happy to see how many of you made use of the coupon.

I think it is finally setting in, that Christmas is around the corner. Yes I’m a little slow! I swear every year flies by faster, and even though all the cues were there – colder temps, the end of daylight savings, Halloween, Thanksgiving… on some level I feel like I just hardly came out of summer mode.

Today is a busy day, and I’ll be back soon when I have a few more minutes… wanted to quickly let you know there is free US shipping in the shop today. Just enter the discount code USFREESHIP at checkout, and the savings will be automatically applied. And for my international buyers, if you would like to make a purchase today, send me a note and I will provide you with a shipping discount. This offer ends tonight – November 28 – at midnight.


ps – no, it’s not snowing here

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This one is for you – my sweet, smart, amazing, supportive readers… we are having a sale! One day only, Friday November 25, save a whopping 15% off any order placed in the infusion shop. Simply enter the coupon code FRIDAY15 when you place your order. The sale ends at midnight, Pacific time. This offer may not be used in conjunction with other deals or discounts, and may not be used on custom orders.

We don’t have sales very often, and 15% off is almost unheard of, so if you have been hemming and hawing about something, now might be just the time to make up your mind.

Have a great weekend everyone; and thank you, so sincerely, for your support!

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Holiday sale at Meadow + Mark! Monday only. Use the coupon code MONDAYS, and save 15% off your order.

And a little reminder that you can still save 10% off your order at infusion by using the coupon code 10FRIDAY.

Both sales end on Monday at midnight pacific time (or until I remember to deactivate).

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Both shops have been updated with new items. The new bags are available at infusion, and the patch sweater and tunic dress are available at meadow + mark. You can click on the image to go straight to the listing. And don’t forget, infusion is having a sale! For you, my dear blog readers, I am offering a greater discount of 15% for today only. Enter the code 15Friday during checkout.


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birthday sale

i n f u s i o n turned 2 years old today! And in other exciting news, we reached 900 sales this week. To celebrate, I am offering 10% off all purchases from the shop.

When you place your order, you can either wait for a revised invoice, or you can go ahead and make your payment and I will then send a refund for the difference.

Huge thanks to all my customers for making this such a successful and fun couple of years.

(about the rose. That rose is the first to bloom this year. Hard to believe. A birthday rose! And a deer  (we think) has already eaten it!)

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I don’t have sales very often, but right now there is a holiday sale going on in my shop!

Enjoy Free Worldwide Shipping Friday 11/27 through Saturday 11/28. Shipping amounts have been zeroed out on all eligible items. Easy peasy. So have some fun and go shopping!

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