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saving seeds

Sage – seed heads, and seed


Arugula – seed pods and seeds


Calendula – seed heads and seed


Carrot seed head… I am patiently waiting…

This year I’ve been working on saving more seeds. It takes patience waiting for seeds to ripen, and the harvesting of seeds can sometimes be a bit tedious. There is also the sacrifice of a bit of space in the garden, while waiting for plants to complete their process of going to seed. For these reasons, saving garden seed has been something that’s taken me a while to fully embrace. It’s becoming something that feels like a natural part of gardening though, and it’s super satisfying – even more than I imagined it would be – and I have barely scratched the surface. I would love to get to the point where we hardly buy seeds anymore, and in terms of sustainability, it just makes sense to complete the cycle of planting and growing in this way.

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