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holiday shipping


Hi folks! Our last shipping day for US Christmas deliveries is this Friday, December 20. If you would still like to pick up an item that is ready to ship, there’s still time. There are just a few things left. And if you have wanted to purchase a gift for someone but have been undecided or ran out of time, there are gift certificates as well.


All orders come wrapped for gifting, with simple, seasonal adornment.

It’s been a great holiday season for infusion! Thank you so much for your support!

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how to resize a box

Resizing a box…. This is not a fancy skill, but it’s a useful one, and one that I have made use of thousands of times over the years. Even for those of you who only do occasional shipping, this technique of sizing down a box can come in quite handy. It allows you to use the shipping method of your choice (with no Priority Mail box restrictions), to reuse a box that might otherwise be discarded, to make use of resources that are plentiful and free, and to ship more affordably – as your box will weigh less and you won’t have to fill it with fluff to keep things from banging around in transit. Sometimes shipping costs also depend on size, particularly when shipping overseas.

Find a box that the item will fit in, lengthwise and widthwise. This box happened to be a perfect fit in those directions, but was twice the height I needed.

You will also need a yard stick, or ruler that is long enough to span your box’s longest edge, and a pair of scissors.

Snip one corner of the box, down to just above the level of the top of the item.

Empty the box, and with a straight edge, hold a level line across the side, using the bottom of your snip as your guide. If you don’t have a ruler with width, such as this one – or if the distance to be shortened is longer than your ruler width, measure the distance between the bottom of the box and the bottom of the snip, and make a mark on each edge. These marks will act as a guide, which will allow you to get a truly level line.

Score a line with the smooth side of your scissors. You don’t want to cut into the box at all, just dent it.

Now measure and score on the remaining three sides, being sure to keep the distance from the bottom the same all the way around so you don’t end up with a wonky box. Snip the remaining three corners down to your score line.

Bend the now longer flaps outward on your score lines. I usually bend outward first, as there is less resistance when bent toward the scored side. Once you do this, your flaps should easily bend inward.

Put the item back inside, and try out your new box.

Now you can snip the excess from the flaps.

Make sure to leave enough on the top flaps, so that there is full coverage.

Now you can seal your shipment and feel satisfied with your resourcefulness!

I remember my first few attempts at this resulting in some slightly odd looking (though still useful) boxes. With a little practice, and precision with your measuring, it is pretty simple and doesn’t have to take long.

I hope you’ll find this useful!

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thanks for being awesome

I am feeling pretty thankful these days. I could probably go on for pages about all the things I am thankful for, but I won’t bore you with all of that right now. I do however, want to say thank you to all of you – my supportive customers and blog readers, commenters, emailers. I really have felt so supported, all along the way, from almost the day I opened my shop when a stranger, and fellow etsy seller, sent me a conversation to compliment my photos, offer advice if I needed, and wish me luck (really!). It was like the door was wide open and I was being welcomed in.

There have been the usual concerns over the last few months, that come with having left a job which provided a steady, stable, rather predictable income while simultaneously jumping right into buying a house in need of repair; but things just seem to keep getting better. My business is still small, but it is growing, and I am being pushed to grow with it. I am thankful for this, too.

The last few months have been a big huge reminder of how important and rewarding it is to follow your heart, go with your gut, and be true to your instincts. Not to say this will guarantee that everything is perfect and peachy all the time, but in the big picture way, life is pretty amazing when you are an active, dynamic participant.

And hey, you know what? This is sort of off the subject, but today is the winter solstice, which means it’s the shortest day of the year. And you know what that means… that the days will start to get longer. I am thankful for that too.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. All the remaining orders, that were promised for pre-Christmas delivery, have now shipped. It was a pretty nice feeling to send everything off and only afterward did I realize how tired I was. I wished I had gotten a photo of me standing next to that pile, because it was definitely taller than me! After dropping everything off at the PO, we did some thrifting, went for a walk on the river and then out for a glass of wine and a gluten free pizza (which, by the way, was awesome).

Oh, and I had a fairly freaky accident with my rotary cutter yesterday, but my finger is still attached and seems to be healing really well… and needless to say, I am definitely definitely thankful for that too.

So, what I really just want to say here is THANKS everyone. You are really, so very awesome.

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Yesterday I shipped off the last of the Christmas deadline orders. If you have not received your order yet, you will very very soon! All US First Class mailings were upgraded to Priority, free of charge. The mail seems to be running on time, and I know there is not as much mailing going on as in past years (there weren’t even lines at our post office this week!).  I spent the later afternoon resting and refreshing and I must admit I felt a bit hungover, oddly restless, and mostly just plain tired. This has been an exciting and satisfying season and I am so grateful to each of you, my very supportive and appreciative customers.

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Holiday Deadline

Tomorrow, Monday December 15, is the last day to order “made-to-order” items if needed by December 25. This applies to US orders. We are already past our deadline for international holiday deliveries.

However, if you waited too long, worry not, as I will be offering some “ready-to-ship” items over the next few days.

Do let us know if you have any questions. Thank you everyone, for all your wonderful orders!

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