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small things

A belt I made

Some things I found

An empty nest

A calendula bouquet

Some small things from the week…

I have been looking for a skinny belt to wear with summer dresses. Could not find, so I made one instead. Now I’m glad I couldn’t find one.

Found an interesting old pencil drawing of an owl, in a crazy little frame. I want to examine it, but am too chicken to peel the frame backing off.

The osprey eggs hatched, and the babies must have fledged! We have been watching the nest for weeks (months?), with a telescope, starting when the parents built it, and just can’t believe we managed to miss the epic event. Oh well. Maybe next year.

So much calendula, flower and seed. I will have seeds to plant and give for ever it seems.

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small things








Small and useful. There is something especially fun about making small things sometimes. These are both in the shop now – waxed pouch here and little stash tote here.

I hope you all had a great weekend! It has been unseasonably warm here and so beautiful and sunny.

I really appreciate the thoughtful comments on my last post. It actually felt really great to write that all down. I don’t usually express my feelings much here. I guess I mostly tend to keep my thoughts to myself, but it’s nice to share, and always nice to hear other perspectives and ideas.

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