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After a long stretch of stormy days, the sun broke through! This photo was taken last night, just after sunset, from a cave near our house. Posting more pics in my flickr soon. This was such a spectacular evening.

If you have visited the shop lately you will have noticed there is not much there. I have slimmed my offerings down while I work on some new things. My plan is to re-stock the shop with a fresh selection of items (tentatively) by January 19. Woohoo for new!!

Have a most excellent day today!

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September Sunset

Incredible, dynamic sunset tonight. I LOVE being on the edge of the world here. It is so comforting to me that there is nothing but ocean for miles and miles and miles ahead. This time of year is a time of amazing sunsets (they all are, really!). From the perspective of our living room, the sun now sets front and center.

This is the view from our loft, which is also my sewing studio.

Zooming out

And out some more…

Maybe I should start a documentary, “My Life Behind the Machine.” hehee

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