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I did a little bit of sewing for myself the other day, and added some tweed elbow patches to a cashmere sweater of mine. This concept isn’t a new one, but it seems to be revitalized these days and I’ve come across it online a few times over the last few months. When I was little I often saw my dad in sports coats with leather elbow patches and I have had a fondness for it ever since. There is something both practical and playful about it – and it makes a simple sweater or jacket seem a bit smarter, don’t you think?

I enjoyed the hand sewing; it’s been a while; and I went on to dig out a few things I haven’t worn much, to see if maybe a new life with patches would renew them. I’ll be offering a few of these things at meadow + mark soon. Maybe even some cashmere. The vintage L.L. Bean cardigan is one I found just a few days ago. The patches are leather and the sweater is camel hair and lambs wool. Very cozy.  It’s available now, as are a few other things I added this week.

Have a great weekend everyone. I’ll be working in the garden as much as I can. The weeds have gone crazy with all the rain we’ve had. And, this might be a funny bit of news if you have never heard of vermiculture,  but we harvested our first tray of worm castings this week and fed it to all our plants. Our worms must be pretty happy because they are devouring our kitchen scraps and having worm babies like crazy!


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Some new items at meadow + mark this week. Check out le shoppe if you like.

OH, and we found the mother lode of hand made vintage wooden items this week! Oh my gosh we were so excited we probably seemed a little bit silly in the shop. Myrtlewood, walnut, almond, teak. Most likely a hobbyists collection. We’ll keep a few things for our home. I think I want to keep it all, but I will show some restraint.

I hope you’re having the best of weekends.


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meadow + mark

So…. about that fun news I mentioned earlier…

After much debate, over many months, I have decided to open a new shop! Being long time thrift store shoppers, and collectors of all sorts of old and interesting things, the idea of having a shop for some of the vintage treasures we bring home has been something I have had on my mind for a while. Years ago we had an online shop where we sold vintage, though mostly clothing at the time. Due to a couple of moves and a change in our daily flow, we still have a few boxes of things that never made it onto the virtual shelves. Can’t wait to rediscover what’s in there.

I have been filling the shelves of meadow + mark over the last couple days, and once the sun comes out again I’ll be photographing some more things. I’m hoping this shop will be another outlet for me to offer other kinds of handmade items as well. I have some ideas, but we’ll see how it goes.

I hope you enjoy!


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oh, if only…

If only these were my size! Do you know how HARD it is to find cute, comfortable, versatile women’s shoes? If you spot a pair of these adorable vintage bass mocs in size 8 anywhere, please let me know. A well-deserved reward will be offered!



Found at the vintage closet.

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new shoes

I rarely ever, almost never, make anything for myself.

As we transition into warmer weather here, it’s often a little too warm for my winter slippers, a little too cool to be barefoot, and with so many wool rugs in the house my socks end up completely covered in fuzz… so with all the shoes I have been making, why on earth do I not have my own pair???

In the midst of this quandary, I found a bag full of beautiful leather scraps at the thrift store. While I appreciate leather as a functional and durable material, I do not go out of my way, for ethical reasons, to purchase it new; though I have been secretly hoping to find some scrap to use for soles. So, you can probably guess where this is going… I have some new shoes, and yep they have leather soles (and organic fleece linings, of course!) : )

new shoes

AND, perhaps even more exciting… tomorrow evening I am having a giveaway!

So do come visit tomorrow for a fun surprise!

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spring cleaning?

After a couple months of increasingly claustrophobic conditions in my work space, I have finally had the energy to dig in and start trimming things down and refreshing. This week I have nearly dismantled my work area, eliminating piles of excess fabric scraps, dusting forgotten corners, sorting hardware, trims and buttons, and rediscovering nearly forgotten, unfinished projects. I spent nearly 2 hours this evening, meticulously cutting scraps from odd shaped leftover fabric pieces and folding and piling them neatly. It is hard to waste any of it and yet it is hard to know what to do with it all. I have 6 grocery bags FULL of various cotton fabric scraps. Linen and hemp has been sorted to another bag and then wool has been sorted yet again. While it has been a bit overwhelming, it has also been somewhat inspiring…. that quilt I have been wanting to make may just get made.

In the midst of this, our weekly errand day happened, which always includes a stop at the thrift store. This week I would have skipped it (for fear of finding more fabric), but my boyfriend really wanted to go. Wouldn’t you know, the craft section had just been restocked, after weeks of sparse pickings. I swear, someone had just brought their grandmother’s entire vintage stash in. There were loads of beautiful vintage buttons, trims, lace and fabrics. I brought home more than I have in quite some time. So much for paring down…

The photo above shows some of what I found. Everything I would guess to be vintage. Golden corduroy, lavender fulled wool, gray and cream houndstooth fulled wool, cotton twill tape, linen bias tape, lace trims; shell, wood and leather buttons..

As for all those scraps that won’t get used, I hope to find someone or some business that would like to shred them and use them as stuffing or something. Anyone know of anything like this? My boyfriend suggested I make a dog bed…

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Thrifty Finds

Cloth Basket

Thrifting is an all-time fav for my boyfriend and I; something we do weekly on our visit to town. This week I found a few things I felt inspired to share. I am pretty excited about this handmade cloth basket. I found it in an unusual place, in amongst a bin of slippers ? I guess someone changed their mind, which I didn’t mind! It was so carefully and solidly made and was clearly used for a long time by someone. I love all it’s soft, worn edges. I also found some vintage doilies and napkins (I really can get obsessed with digging through the vintage table linens and have to refrain from buying too many!). The yellow fabric is a large vintage linen table cloth. My boyfriend found the wooden pin, thinking it would make a nice hair stick.

Lace, Wood and Linen

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