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One of the most exciting Christmas gifts I received this year was quite intangible and lasts a whole year (and beyond!).

My sweet, thoughtful, wonderful and amazing boyfriend set me up with web hosting for infusionfibers.com : )

I purchased my domain name back in June, but have simply had it forward to my etsy store as I wasn’t quite ready to buy hosting and set up a site. I would probably have waited forever. Infusion Fibers is now hosted by DreamHost, a super awesome company that provides super user friendly hosting (believe me, we have definitely worked with the not-so-user-friendly) AND they are 100% carbon neutral! I can’t help but add that they also offer a kickback if I refer any new users, so if you decide to sign up with them, CLICK HERE to get there, and I will receive a monetary reward. You can then refer others and receive your own monetary rewards. It’s really great. I have never worked with a business that makes so many efforts for both their customers AND the planet.

Within the super easy to navigate panel I can pay my bill, manage my domain, manage my email (and more). They also have “one-click installers” meaning in one click you can install blog software, a forum, a poll, an online store, or even a wiki. You also get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk usage. It really is dreamy.

I set up my one page site in one evening (with a lot of help from my web developer boyfriend) and for now, I am quite happy to have at least my own independent online presentation.

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