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Have a great weekend! It’s been raining here for a couple days – finally enough to provide a true, quenching soak after a very dry spring. It’s supposed to clear up just in time for my birthday this weekend, and I’m looking forward to a trip up the river for swimming, hiking, sunning, eating, drinking and celebrating life and the season of summer.

A few small summer treats:

Beautiful, quick dry linen towels (for all year long)

We recently purchased one of these

And I really want to make a batch of these

And lastly, just in the shop, a new beach bag

Enjoy this last weekend of June xo




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A few more hours this evening and then it’s  time to put the week’s work aside for a bit, and slide into an easier pace. I’m looking forward to upping my guitar practice with a new app Steven found, tinkering in my garden and meeting up with some old friends. And if this crazy (!) wind calms down, we’ve got campfire cooking on our list. It’s been so summery and beautiful (and windy) out.

Also, I’ve been thinking about deliberate acts of random kindness, and how I could make them more a part of my life. Have you done any that stood out lately? This world is sure needing more gentle kindness.


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the speed of now









This weekend was a celebration of my arrival on earth, and we spent it enjoying all things earthly, in nature. We spent much of the weekend in and near the water, kayaking, swimming, picnicking. We watched a pair of baby deer nursing no more than 15 feet away, a sparrow hunting in the grass as we sat low nearby, drove out into the dunes at dusk, stayed outside well after dark in the warm night air. We talked about life, and time, and what’s really important – where my energy is at and where it needs to be. I felt like time moved slower. The days were full and nourishing.

A friend gave me a fun deck of insight cards, and I pulled one out while we sat chatting.

“Life moves at the speed of now”

This year I’d like to slow life down. We’re in no hurry to be anywhere.

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a june weekend










A colorful weekend in June ♥

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It’s hard to believe it’s already Friday! These days have been so full, time seems to be just racing by. I have a lot to accomplish today, and then I am looking forward to a little time off this weekend to plant more seeds, do some digging in the dirt, and if the weather holds – maybe we will get out for a hike. It’s beautiful this morning. Have a great weekend. Happy spring xo

Photos above from my instagram @in_fusion. Come find me there if you like!

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It was a working weekend, though I still made sure to include some time off. Saturday has become a day where we catch up on cleaning and organizing, watering plants, and starting little projects that got pushed aside during the week. I love this time, and it’s amazing how much we usually accomplish together.

A few snaps from the weekend…

1. an impromptu, clean-out-the-fridge fruit crisp was made (with crisp based loosely on my memory of Stephanie’s)

2. weeding in the warm sunshine

3. always something on the stairs, going up or going down

4. lunch in the making

5. homegrown rosemary – there is lots, being dried and stored

Not captured on camera was: the incredible mess that some critter made of the insulator panel in the hood of our car. OH MY WORD. I guess it is nesting season // The pollen clouds bursting forth from the alder trees. Have you ever seen a tree do that? It’s amazing (and a little frightful if you have allergies) // The sound of the birds these days, chattering away excitedly – yes, indeed, I think it is nesting season // The rooster that now lives up the road, and crows every morning at 4am // The bounty that Steven was paid, for revealing the name of said neighbor, to a different neighbor, who has been kept up in the wee hours of the morning (hee!)

How was your weekend? Did you drink beer and eat cabbage??

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It was such a beautiful weekend here. Coffees were had on the patio, while we soaked up the warm sun. Deer nosed around nearby looking for tasty new growth. The birds were extra talkative, singing all day long. A little chipmunk even came to visit. It feels so much like spring!

Talk of the garden has been ongoing around here, even though somehow it still feels so early to me. I looked back on my blog, and to my surprise, I was planting seeds less than a week from now last year. And I started journaling about last year’s garden in the beginning of March.

On Saturday, we bundled up in the late afternoon to do some outdoor chores. We took all the compost down to “the big bin”


and then we headed down to check out the hoop house, still full of a dried-up tangle of tomato plants.


We gathered up a few tools, and jumped right in.


Between us, we made pretty quick work of cutting the overgrown grass path and clearing out the beds. There is now just a bit of weeding to do, and then we will ready the beds for planting.


We talked about a few improvements to be made, and what we will grow in there this year.

When we were finished, we headed inside to the most amazing smell of fresh bread, just finished baking. I mean AMAZING. I wish I could display smell on the blog.

bread_feb23_0This was somewhat of an experimental loaf, and it turned out to quite possibly be one our all time favorites, ever. I love when that happens. Onion, chili, caraway, dill, with a fresh flour blend of quinoa, corn, millet and rice.


We made a huge pot of soup, with mostly root vegetables from our garden, and then settled into a long and relaxing, productive evening.

I often have no concept of weekends vs weekdays, but this weekend felt like a real weekend. Yes, I really do like weekends.

Welcome to the new week, friends. How was your weekend?

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+ An order of wrap wallets, wrapped up in tissue

+ We had a little photo shoot today. The dark olive rucksack is coming back soon.

+ Some garden pickings from this morning.

+ Textiles from the archives of my shelves. I have so many amazing materials I need to start using.

+ Mountain peaks in my afternoon latte.

+ Our lovely neighbor is cleaning out, and has given us some real gems this week, including this cozy alpaca which I have just freshly washed.

It’s been a jam packed week, and I’ve been working non stop. Tonight I’m looking forward to some simple relaxation time right there on that chair with that alpaca, with my beau at my side, listening to the birds give way to the night crew, under the almost full moon… maybe even a glass of wine in my hand andsome home made pizza. Yes, that sounds pretty nice.

Enjoy the start of your weekend… xo


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tiny sculpture made of pine cone scales, wire and driftwood (not made by me)

Just came to wish you all a great weekend. It will be a working weekend for me, but I am going to enjoy it! See you Monday with some “Snapshots.”

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golden brown

There has been a bit of a golden brown theme showing up in my photos the last few days.

We got a few candid photographs of the rucksack in use. I know it helps to see a bag actually being worn, for a sense of scale and proportion.

This rucksack pictured is a sample I have kept for myself. The straps in the final version are positioned slightly closer at the top for a better fit, but I love this pack. It’s comfortable and highly useful and holds as much as I need for daytime outings. I have carried as much as 14 pounds of books in it and periodically pack that around for lengths of time to test comfort and strength. More weight than I advise carrying around all the time, but it handles it well and I have stayed considerably comfortable.

I hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend. We ran errands today and the weather was so mild I wore sandals. A huge treat for this girl. I love bare feet! I found some gems at the thrift – a beautiful wool blanket, a vintage world globe, a length of suede leather and a really nice handmade plaid wool button front – oh my, and a pair of awesome chairs! They might have been the most exciting find. I plan to recover them with leather. When I manage to get around to that project, I’ll be sure to post a photo or 2. My furniture projects are piling up!

Time for a glass of wine and a full night of work ahead.

See you soon xo

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