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Well, pretty much in line with how the rest of the day went, right as I began to update the shop yesterday morning, our wireless network went down. Totally. We finally had to leave to run errands and hoped that by the time we got home it would be back up and running, but it wasn’t. So, after tweaking around with the router, turning off and on our antennas, rebooting our computers, etc etc, for half the evening, we finally let it go. It did turn out to be kind of nice to do something other than compute for the night (knitting happened instead), but it was sort of disruptive and somewhat frustrating. Thankfully, today, it has been resolved (turned out to be a wiring issue on the roof), and I do indeed plan to start refreshing the shop this evening. Probably somewhere between 7 and 8pm west coast time. Thanks for your patience : ) Hope your day has been wonderful and technologically flawless.

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