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The new herringbone tote is now in the shop. You can find it here.

Have a great weekend! Fingers crossed it’s filled with more of this amazing sunshine we’ve been having. It feels so much like spring these days. xo

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more plaid

A little more plaid in the shop… This time a Pendleton wool and leather clutch – in a favorite fusion of vintage, re-purposed and organic materials.

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I love finding unique textiles – especially handwoven wool – and they can be pretty hard to come by in our town. I found a little stack of 4 small, thick, vintage, handwoven wool tapestries early this summer and have been sewing them into little pouches. I think I will keep one for me, and there will be just one more left after the one pictured above. In case any of you fancy this sort of thing, I thought I’d mention it here.

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Happy weekend friends! It’s been unbelievably beautiful here this weekend, with warm temps and plenty of sunshine. We are soaking it up in the garden and loving every minute of it.

Just popping in to let you know I have added this new tote to the shop, made with vintage pinstriped wool and recycled genuine leather.

Enjoy this Sunday afternoon! See you soon.

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I found the mother lode of woolly amazingness the other day. It’s pretty hard to find natural wool blankets at the thrift stores around here, and especially ones that are in nice condition and come out of the wash smelling only of pure wool (as opposed to the tenacious stench of synthetic perfumes, the smell of wet dogs and other potentially unattractive aromas). It is extremely rare to find sheepskin at the thrift stores here, and this rug may just be the thickest, coziest sheepskin rug I have yet to experience. To find all of this on one trip was super exciting.

Now that everything has been washed, and the sheepskin finally dry, it occurred to me that I might be in on a secret. Want to know?? Sheepskin can be washed in the washing machine! We have been washing our sheepskin in the washer for years. We don’t wash them frequently, but when they need a refresher it’s nice to be able to wash them in natural soap and water, in the convenience of our own home.

Set your washer to the gentle cycle. I think a front loader would be favorable, but we have washed them in top loaders in the past. The agitator can be hard on things, is the reason I mention that. Once finished, hang it to dry, out of direct sunlight (this one took 3 days to dry). Once it’s dry, some exposure to sun (UV) also has a purifying and freshening effect, and in between washings, an occasional hour or so of exposure to¬† sunshine can help keep your wool items fresh.

I also read something just the other day (though I’m not remembering where at the moment), that addressed washing leather in the washing machine. It said that leather items can actually be washed in water. The importance is that the whole thing gets evenly saturated, and then evenly dried. This is easier with smaller items that don’t have a lot of seams. Larger items like leather jackets and bags might need a little more discretion. I never dry clean anything, and I break almost every washing rule (you know, those little care instructions on the labels of clothing and other textiles). With a little common sense and intuition, it almost always works out.

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I’ve been enjoying combining vintage wool checks and plaids, beautiful salvaged leather, and linen. It just seems so perfect. Maybe even better than perfect.

The Amesbury Bag and Clutch are available in the shop.

amesbury bag

amesbury clutch

More Amesbury bags and clutches are on the way. They will all be limited in quantity. Some will be one of a kind.

camera bag in plum

A new color for the camera bag is available now too. This rich plum feels so autumnal, don’t you think?


I hope you all had a happy Halloween and a wonderful weekend! We enjoyed a beatiful afternoon walking on the riverfront, followed by a festive evening at a costume party.

Tomorrow is the full moon. If you get a chance, remember to step outside in the night air and enjoy it, even for just a moment.

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More and more I find myself really enjoying knitting! The number of projects I would like to tackle is growing : )

Last night I knit one of a pair of booties for a friend who had a baby a couple weeks ago (if you have seen the the little shoes on my flickr page – they are for a different, much bigger baby). Well, as soon as I finished this I realized it was much too small, even for a newborn! grrr. I foolishly opted not to gauge my stitches. Tonight I will begin again, with bigger needles. The pattern I purchased here, and it is very easy to follow and very well written, complete with instructions on the basic techniques used to make these.

As an extension to, and an expansion upon knitting, I am super excited to try some felting this week. I have always had a soft spot for felted and fulled wool, and am finally going to give a try at it myself. My first project will be small, maybe a set of coasters; though soon thereafter, I plan to try this vest. I wish I had a group of crafty girls to get together with for a wool-felting party!

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I have been wanting to learn to knit again for months, and just could not justify the seeming time involved, with all the other things I have going on. Well, I FINALLY said to HECK with that whole concept of “not enough time”- I just want want to learn to knit : ) I have learned to knit in the past… twice… and never stuck to it long enough to where it became natural. I feel I am different than I used to be. infusion has changed me. My focus is longer and deeper, and my ability to pick up new skills is sharper and swifter.

I bought a simple book on the knitting basics yesterday, and looked it over briefly before going to bed. Today I dug out my wool yarn, tracked down my bamboo knitting needles, sat down comfortably with book at my side, and within 20 minutes I was back on track. I am excited to assemble this into my morning routine. Mornings are a slow and quiet time for me. I often try to force myself to get my sewing orders done earlier than I am ready. I am a NIGHT worker. So why press my mornings? Right?

Excitedly knitting anew : ) …..

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