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summer color

Lots of yellow popping up around here. Thought I’d share some. There’s a bit more yellow coming to the shop soon too.

We’ve got some fuzzy yellow caterpillars cocooning on the side of our house, and a flock of cedar waxwings came through yesterday – amazing with their vivid, waxy yellow tail tips.

And just a little reminder – don’t forget to let the dads in your life know that you love them this weekend.

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I thought you might have needed a little extra sunshine to warm those toes. Come have a peek!

eco toes. yellow linen and colorful stripes.


It’s a beautiful sunny day here today. So many migratory birds are back as the weather warms up, and I am hearing some of my favorite evening songs again. It seems like the plants just can’t contain themselves and there are explosions of new growth everywhere. The landscape looks different in all the places I frequent. I feel like I can drink the air almost, it is so lush and green.

I hope you are having a fantastic week, and enjoying the life all around you!

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A little splash of sunshine yellow to brighten up your week.

I have just posted these little boots in the shop. Don’t they make you think of rain boots in springtime, in Portland, OR? They do me.

yellow boots with blue stripes and buttons

tiny daisy

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Thrifty Finds

Cloth Basket

Thrifting is an all-time fav for my boyfriend and I; something we do weekly on our visit to town. This week I found a few things I felt inspired to share. I am pretty excited about this handmade cloth basket. I found it in an unusual place, in amongst a bin of slippers ? I guess someone changed their mind, which I didn’t mind! It was so carefully and solidly made and was clearly used for a long time by someone. I love all it’s soft, worn edges. I also found some vintage doilies and napkins (I really can get obsessed with digging through the vintage table linens and have to refrain from buying too many!). The yellow fabric is a large vintage linen table cloth. My boyfriend found the wooden pin, thinking it would make a nice hair stick.

Lace, Wood and Linen

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